Dema and Carolyn
Dema, Carolyn and their children, Grace and Daniel, are from Mizoram, India. Since 2010 they have been serving in Thailand, forming friendships and seeking to share the message of Jesus with the Ethnic Thai people. More information is available here.
Muana and Villy
Muana, Villy and their girls Yindii, Zoe and Libi are also from Mizoram, India and have served in Thailand since 2001. Through English teaching, training of local leaders and supporting other Baptist Mission Australia missionaries in Thailand, they work to share the gospel with the ethnic Thai people. More information is available here.
Luke and Belle
Luke, Belle and their sons Salem, Judah and Isaiah are from Australia and serve among the Ethnic Thai people in Thailand. They seek to share the good news of of Jessus through teaching English and working with youth and children  More information is available here.
Lisa is the CEO of an NGO and is an experienced intercultural worker in South Asia, based out of Australia. Working with a team in Australia and South Asia, she seeks to empower the local staff to build relationships that enable poor and marginalised people to overcome poverty by working together. Click here for more information.