God and the Transgender Debate

Can a boy be “trapped” in a girl’s body?

Can modern medicine actually “reassign” sex?

And what is the most loving response towards a person who is experiencing conflict between the gender they appear to be, and the gender they feel that they are?

The phenomenon of transgenderism raises many important questions and is full to overflowing with ontological assertions; the big idea being that people are who they claim to be, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. But is this conviction – that we are the sum total of what our feelings say we are – supported by biology, psychology or philosophy?

This month’s talk will examine the transgender movement in light of current scientific and psychiatric research, and show how the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls the Church to respond to the transgender community in several unique ways, ultimately pointing them to the redemption and healing found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This month’s talk presented by Chris MacLeavy