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Obedience and Trust

Launch Into The Deep

“Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch” (Luke 5:4) 

With these words Jesus called Peter to a response of obedience and faith, and in doing so proved to him what great things can be achieved out of such a response.

These are also the words, I believe, to inspire and challenge us as a church as we prayerfully contemplate the strategy and vision presented last Sunday. That vision is to continue building on the wonderful foundations brought about by God through the faithfulness and hard work of those who have gone before us here at North Pine Baptist. It involves a strategy for growth as we endeavour with all our strength to be faithful to our purpose of being a community of believers who worship God and proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in order that people might come to know Him personally, follow Him obediently, and serve Him faithfully. 

Bless the LORD!


One of my Bible readings this week was Psalm 34. The theme of this psalm is the recognition that God is good! David begins the psalm by saying that he will ‘bless the LORD at ALL times; HIS praise shall continually be in his mouth’. How easy is it to quickly forget how good God is to us?

Prayer is the greater work



Our Baptist mission agency, Global Interaction, has called for a concerted weekend of prayer for mission all around Australia on 6 – 9 November. As such, we plan to hold a special prayer meeting next Sunday, the 8th of November.