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The Beautiful Gift of Gospel Community and Why You Need It

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The beautiful gift of gospel community and why you need it

I recently read “Life Together” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and I think it may have become my favorite book on the topic of Christian community. In his book, Bonhoeffer says something that I haven’t been able to escape since I read it. 

Praying Together: An Invisible, Yet Vital Work


I love tasks with visible results. Show me a smudged bathroom mirror, a desk piled with papers, or a weed-choked flower bed, and I’ll get right to work. With 10 minutes’ effort, I can turn grime into gleam and chaos into calm. It’s a great feeling.

The chores I don’t love are the recurring and nearly-invisible ones. Cooking a dinner that my three sons will gobble down without comment so they can get back to shooting hoops? Not so much. Calling the doctor’s office for the fourth time this week to untangle our Gordian health insurance? No thanks.

Give Us Eyes for the Lonely


Article by Reggie Osborne II

Can you see them? Do you know who they are?

They sit among us in the congregation, sometimes at the heart of the body, sometimes on the fringes. They worship on Sundays and gather for Bible studies. Some come to events and activities, hoping that maybe if they come enough and do enough, they will start to belong.